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KING Investigations (K.I) was founded by Arthur King based on the solid foundation of the law.  We are a privately owned firm which is licensed to practice in California.  Our base location is downtown Los Angeles, California; however, we accept cases from many points from Northern California to Southern California.

Mr. King’s experience as a law enforcement officer is diverse and rich in knowledge.  His 27 years as a law enforcement officer in Northern California qualifies him as having an excellent understanding of illegal narcotics, identity theft, fraud, sexual assault, and a host of civil violations of the law.

The main focus of KING Investigations is partnering with lawyers distant and local on civil cases of law.  Interviewing and or interrogation of witnesses, litigants, and defendants in court matters is central theme of our firm.  In addition, in a very limited vein, we provide assistance in fraud, identity theft, risk assessment analysis, background investigations, as well as domestic investigations.

With our extensive contacts in the law enforcement community, we have the ability to partner with individuals and companies in the business world to achieve the goal of our clients.  Whether the partner is a state or local government source or companies that offer specific tools to aide the clients in their pursuits, we are able to connect the client to the source for the needed information.

We evaluate each case on its own merit and we determine its priority on its own standing, but each clients will be responded to in a prompt and professional manner.  Whether you are an attorney in litigation, a celebrity client, or a regular citizen, KING Investigations will treat you as royalty.  Regardless of your location in the great state of California, KING Investigation will be there for you.