KING Investigations is committed to providing clients with the information, advice and answers they need. While we specialize in investigations for civil cases of law, we do offer a full range of investigation services.

Background Investigation

Giving you the details you need for peace of mind. Whatever you reasons: child custody, business, legal, premarital, we can get you information before you need to make any significant decisions.

Private Investigation

We look closely into the situation to find out the deeper details. Queries vary, but our commitment and resourcefulness does not. We can look into your private matters and get you the answers you need.

Due Diligence

In business, due diligence is essential. Too often it gets overlooked as time consuming or tedious, but when it really matters, you have to make sure you have all the background details. From mergers, to investment to acquisition, due diligence is the best way to keep yourself protected.

Pre employment Investigation

When making hiring decisions, you want to be absolutely sure that you are making the right choice. Sometimes a simple online search doesn’t reveal the whole picture. Let our investigators look into it and help you get a bigger and better picture of your employment candidate.

Intellectual property investigations

Intellectual property law can be challenging. Make it easier on yourself with an in-depth investigation. Factual accuracy can make or break an intellectual property dispute. Partner with us and you can get clarity on all of the fuzzy details.

Civil Litigation Support

If you need investigative support for your civil suit, we can help. Our investigators will dig into the case, and make sure you have the best available resources at your disposal. A civil suit can require hundreds of details, which is why you need a team of professionals on your side.

Risk Assessment analysis

Our team of investigators can give you the information and details you need to make the right risk based decisions. Whether financial or business oriented, proper risk assessment is a must when it comes to your money.

Spouse Infidelity

You have your suspicions and maybe even bits of evidence. However, when it comes to infidelity, you want to be completely sure. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a spiral of doubt and uncertainty. Knowing is power, and when it comes to infidelity, you need to know.

Internet Dating

With more and more online dating and connection services, cheating and infidelity have a whole new series of avenues. However, our team of investigators know how to dig through files and browsing history to get to the truth of the matter. If you have suspicions, we can find the answers.


KING Investigations can do the job regular people can’t. Leave surveillance duties to the professionals. We have the tools, technology and experience to make sure what needs to be seen gets seen.

Identity Theft/Fraud

Few things can be as violating as identity theft. In our digital world, your entire identity, your identity, is online. Don’t let someone else hijack it. If you suspect you are a victim, don’t hesitate to get professional help.